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About "Sugar" Sean O'Malley

I’m a 23-year-old professional MMA fighter signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, training at the one of the top Mixed Martial Arts training facilities in the US, the MMA LAB. Growing up I was one of the smallest athletes which made things difficult. I always needed to prove myself because of my size. Instead of staying with high school sports and fighting the battle of having to prove myself I decided to go to the local boxing club.

A close family friend Ray Moore was a past Golden Gloves boxer. My father and I contacted him and he was ready to give me a chance. Ray had a make shift training area in the basement of his house. A speed bag, a heavy bag, a treadmill, and a few jump ropes. After our first training session, we knew this was my calling.


Professional MMA Fighter

A UFC fighter, entertainer, cannabis activist, and warrior. These are words that describe Sugar Sean. Get your brand in front of "Sugar" Sean O'Malley's fans and millions of eyes by becoming a sponsor.